Student Life Mission Camp: July 5-9, 2016


Lake Cities UMC Student Life Mission Camp

Lake Cities UMC Student Life Mission Camp

Summer Youth Mission Camp

If you are interested in your student experiencing a Youth Trip this summer, here is a great opportunity!

There is a mission trip opportunity to Edmond, Oklahoma, in July, and we have a short window to get signed up so I need to know if you’re interested right away.

We have a short window to get signed up, so let Jacob know right away if you’re interested.

This mission camp will be held at The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, where around 700 students will converge – some for mission work and some for recreation – during an unforgettable week of building relationships with peers and with God.

Student Life Mission Camp is a different kind of experience than we have had here at Lake Cities UMC. There will be Worship twice a day with all 700 students together, led by a rockin’ worship band Dameon Aranda and a great speaker Timothy Ateek. It will be an unforgettable week!

This mission opportunity schedule is different than past years – instead of having 5 eight hour work days, there are 3 five hour work days.

I am excited about this opportunity, and hope your family will consider being a part of it, either for youth participation or being an adult volunteer.

Thank you,
Jacob Fields
Director of Youth Ministries