From the Pastor: August 23, 2017


From the Pastor's Desk

Processional Cross Now a Part of the Church Service

Have you noticed a new addition to the church service? Following the tradition of the church’s Anglican roots, many United Methodist congregations have brought back the practice of utilizing a processional cross upon entering and exiting the sanctuary for the worship hour. The cross represents the presence of Christ, much like the candles represent the light of Christ.

The person who carries the cross is referred to as the crucifer (cross-bearer). The crucifer leads the acolytes in processing into the sanctuary. When the service is over, the crucifer takes the presence of Christ out into the world.

On a historical note, the processional cross that is being used during the worship hour is actually an old flagpole that was once used to house the Christian flag in the sanctuary of Oak Cliff United Methodist Church in Dallas. The flag was donated for sanctuary use in 1972 by the Keystone Sunday School Class. When Oak Cliff UMC closed, many items were either given or thrown away. Pastor Rene’ utilized the opportunity to secure the pole for his office. Pastor Katie suggested that it be used as a processional cross.

As a final note, the children of the church are to be commended for their important role serving as acolytes and crucifers. They do their part in service for their church. Along with the adults, our church is very blessed by its faithful membership.

Pastor Rene’