From the Pastor: August 3, 2017


From the Pastor's Desk

From the Pastor's DeskDivisiveness and Hatred Have No Place in God’s World

Never have I heard so much about politics as I have heard recently. Indeed we live in a nation that is currently battling a “civil war” with each other. Families and neighbors are finding themselves divided over a variety of issues. A state of frustration is building within our nation at the expense of peace, acceptance, respect, and harmony. Frankly, it is a scary time in the life of our nation. Should we continue to name-call each other, I’m fearful that our country will fall deeper into a depressive state.

Consider the following observation made by Stephen Carter in his book entitled Integrity:

The wealth with which politicians make their electoral purchases comes in a variety of forms, but nearly all of them play to our selfish instincts. Conservatives tend to promise tax cuts, which translate to more money for good, honest, hardworking Americans, and less for the despicable them … Liberals promise entitlements, and better yet, constitutional rights, which translate to more freedoms for good, honest, hardworking Americans against the despicable them … Promises of both kinds offer something for the voter, and so appeal to our lower instincts.

This state of divisiveness is also impacting our religious communities. Various churches are “drawing a line in the sand” refusing to yield to other ideas and values. As Christians, many of us have fallen to the temptation of allowing our “lower instincts” to take the forefront over our ability to reason. On the other hand, there are those of us who have become socially irrelevant because we have taken the path of passivity when it comes to advocating the values of our faith. What we don’t like, we either reject, ignore, or justify our position.

As Christians, our calling often involves searching and relating that which is truth. Yet this is where we fall short. It takes work to determine the absolutes of our faith. Most of us would rather just be told what to believe than to conduct the research. As Carter noted, “A person may be entirely honest without ever engaging in the hard work of discernment that integrity requires; she may tell us quite truthfully what she believes without ever taking the time to figure out whether what she believes is good and right and true.”

We as Christians must take the time to understand what we believe and why we believe. We should actually make the effort to understand the Bible and not simply accept what is presented through “dog and pony” shows or what is printed on social media sites. If we were to actually take the time to understand the teachings of Christ, we would discover that divisiveness and hatred have no place in God’s world. God did not create the world in order for God’s children to fight one another. We are one family, under God, through Christ. We need to act as such.

Pastor Rene’