From the Pastor’s Desk: February 7, 2017


From the Pastor's Desk

Sharing Personal Views on Social Media

From the Pastor's DeskSocial networking sites are a great way to exchange views on a variety of subjects ranging from sports to politics to religion to the latest technology. As you can imagine, people sometimes engage in spirited debates on these and many other issues. Passions often run high when it comes to political or religious views. A couple of suggestions come to mind when sharing personal views on the internet.

Keep it civil.

It’s OK to disagree but try to be respectful of other people. Name calling and divisive comments are never effective and wind up alienating not only the person they’re aimed at, but others as well. If someone is mean or disrespectful to you or others, it’s best not to engage in a war of words. Avoid commenting on any post that is mean-spirited. Internet “silence” will serve as a notice in itself that you do not agree with the subject matter in question. Note also that whatever you post can be used against you by others, even if your opinion of the subject changes in the future.

Know fact from fiction.

Some things online are simply not true. Sometimes they’re posted to deliberately smear a public official, political candidate, or celebrity and sometimes they’re just honest mistakes. Don’t believe everything you read and never forward something if you’re unsure of its legitimacy. You do not want to be a person who spreads false information. If you see something questionable on a website, do research on a reputable site to determine its validity. Above all, avoid commentary sites that are opinionated and not factual.

Much of the information found in today’s article, as with last week’s column on Fake News, comes from, I would encourage everyone to take the time to clink on the link and discover all the information that can make the social media experience both fun and safe.

Pastor Rene’