Monkey Bars: August 10, 2017

PastorPastor Katie

monkey bars

Monkey Bars

monkey bars

Photo courtesy of m01229 on Flickr

The following excerpt from And a Child Shall Lead Us: 5 Powerful Playground Metaphors for Coaches! written by Ben Dooley was submitted by Pastor Katie.

You’re standing on one side. You have to get across. And the only way you can truly accomplish this is to do it one hand at a time.

This is not an activity where you can hold on and wait for the right moment. There is no “right” moment.

You have to start by leaning yourself forward, reaching out, and grabbing hold. And once you do so, you can’t stop or go back, and you have to trust and let go in order to move forward.

Once you start moving, you don’t stop, otherwise, you’ll be stuck in one place. And the secret? To get into a rhythm.

If you fall, thankfully it’s only into a pile of wood chips (or nowadays recycled tires into safety rubber chips).

Our relationship with God is often simply reaching out, getting into a rhythm, and moving forward. Not allowing ourselves to get stuck in one place for too long.

And the great thing is if we do let go, if we do fall, God is always there. Ready to cushion our fall and help us start again.

Katie Klein

~ Katie Klein
Associate Pastor