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If you would like to be a part of Epiphany Ministries with Pastor Katie and Aaron, we have a few ways you can be involved. Donations and sponsorship, food (cooking or donating), agape gifts, and prayer!

If you would like to know more, please email or call her at 940-368-4568.

In March, Aaron and I had our first team meeting for the July weekend Epiphany to be held at TYC center in Gainesville, Texas.

  1. It takes around 65 volunteers to pull a weekend off. If you have been on a 3-day walk and would like to serve, please see one of us. You may serve inside with the gentleman or outside helping us on the inside prepare and have supplies. We have to bring everything in and out that we need.
  2. If you like to cook: making breakfast casseroles for the volunteers, brownies or cakes for the young men and other food items.
  3. Agape: making placemats or posters or candy or “pass it on“ cards. Socks, combs, pads, etc. for the birthday bags. See Katie for the contact.
  4. Donations: each weekend is $4,000-$5,000. Volunteers sponsor themselves at $300-$400 for expenses, and we try to each sponsor a gentleman at about $100.
  5. Meal sponsorships are $5. (We bring in free-world food like fried chicken, burgers and pizzas.) We also have a birthday party and fiesta party. Donations may be given through LCUMC. Please be sure to write Epiphany or jail ministry so the counters know.
  6. And finally prayer. Start praying now for God to soften hearts so that the seeds we plant might grow. We will pass around a prayer chain for you to sign closer to the weekend.

Experience worship – we are looking for anyone interested in attending or helping to plan a once-a-month, Sunday evening worship. But this won’t be a usual worship experience. Participants we will be encouraged to participate in different worship styles, disciplines and ideas — all leading us towards a deeper and more open understanding of our faith.

NOTE! This is NOT in place of our existing worship, it is in ADDITION to.

If interested please speak with Pastor Katie or email at