Bridge Builders

DevotionalIt was a time of change… a time of excitement when many things were challenging the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The leaders of the Denton-Lake Cities area Methodist churches were called together to make urgent provisions about how their congregations were to meet the change and growth that was coming, or be complacent and ignore the inevitable with which we would all be faced.

This challenge to all the churches was during the latter years of the 1960s. It was the building of the DFW Airport, which would be one of the largest airports in the world. The Lake Cities was directly in the midle of the “Golden Triangle Area” with Denton at the top of the triangle and Dallas and Fort Worth at each of the two bottom points.

A wonderful woman of vision, Oshia Sargent, who was a “Golden Ager,” saw and felt the excitement of the times. She joined in the planning, and when the Administrative Board voted to build and relocate into a new building, it was approved by the congregation with Oshia being one of its strongest supporters. In January 1971, we moved into the first stage of our new building. Oshia had a plaque made that still hangs in the back of our Sanctuary titled, “The Bridge Builder.” I hope you will take the time to read it occasionally.

Meeting the needs of God’s people in this area is still a challenge, and I hope and pray that with each generation, we will have those who see and support that challenge. The decisions that we make today do not just affect us, but also the teens and children who follow us. The bridges we build today will span the chasms over which they will have to walk, but I also pray that they will build for the generation of those yet unborn.

Prayer: Dear God, please help us meet the challenge of change and not just be concerned about today. Help us all be Bridge Builders.

~ Bernice Wright