Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School meets each Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. Stop by the Welcome Desk in the Welcome Center for more information.


The Seasons class is composed of adults from various stages in life and their faith journey. They meet in the Associate Pastor’s office in the Sanctuary Building.


Cornerstone uses a current-event based curriculum to explore the Christian response to our world. Discussion questions and biblical commentary result in a lively discussion each week. Lessons are provided weekly by email for those who prefer to read in advance, but no preparation is necessary. They meet in the Family Life Center in the corner classroom of the upper level, north side.

Pairs & Spares

The Pairs and Spares Sunday School class uses a traditional format with teaching and group discussion. Their goal is to come together for study and prayer in order to live lives as Christ teaches. Their group is diverse with middle and older age members, with or without spouses, children, or grandchildren. They welcome anyone who feels the need for study and discussion. They occasionally bring in short-term studies of interest to the class to supplement our regular Methodist literature. They are located on the lower level of the Family Life Center in the northeast corner classroom. Please join them at any time!


The Misfits is an eclectic group that loves discussion. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to join our class. If you are searching for an opportunity to become a part of a small group as you learn more about your faith walk, come give us a try. The Misfits meet in the Family Life Center in the middle classroom downstairs.

Small Group Bible Studies

Lake Cities UMC offers Small Group Bible Studies from time to time. To find out information on the upcoming Small Group Bible Studies, please email the church office.

Short-Term Classes

Lake Cities UMC offers Short-Term Classes from time to time. To find out information on the upcoming Short-Term Classes, please email the church office.