Lake Cities UMC Congregational Care


As Disciples, we are all charged with caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Through preaching and of grace to the congregation in worship, sacrament, and during weddings and funerals, they provide comfort, encouragement, and guidance in times of crisis and struggle, and they visit members who are ill or hospitalized.

Our Extended Care Ministry, a group of lay members who feel called to the ministry of congregational care, works to ensure that those in our congregation with long-term health issues are visited weekly and receive a worship bulletin and a weekly newsletter, reminding them that they are in our hearts and prayers. In addition to caring for our sick and elderly members, funeral meals are provided to families in time of need.

For our younger families, we have a fully staffed nursery that ensures that our infants and toddlers are safe and cared for and that their families can worship and study without worry. Our nursery, like all our Children’s Ministries, follows MinistrySafe guidelines, ensuring that the children of our church have a safe and healthy environment in which to grow.

For those members who are far from home — such as our college students, military members and elderly members who have moved away — cards, letters and care packages are sent throughout the year.

Hospitalization/Surgical/Deceased Notices

Notices of those in the hospital, facing surgery, or of loved ones who have passed away should be directed first to the church office in order to be accurately recorded. Off-hour notifications can be made by leaving a message on the office phone, contacting one of the clergy members, contacting one of the office staff members, or by reaching a Lay Servant. Information should be specific with regards to urgency, dates, and times. Generalized comments made during the worship hour may be misinterpreted, or worse, lost. Best forms of communication are by phone call, email, text, or written note.

The staff and leaders of the church will do all that is possible to be receptive to the spiritual needs of the congregation. Between the clergy, office staff, Lay Servants, and the Prayer Team, vital information should be forwarded in an expedited manner.

Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated. Thank you.